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Wellness at trucking company
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine during trips is not an easy task. How can truck drivers remain fit? Here are our 5 expert tips for health and wellness at work.
Celebrating Our Trucking Industry

Celebrating our trucking industry

In commemoration of Canada's National Trucking Week, we would like to acknowledge each of you who is a part of this great industry. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and perseverance in these difficult times.
Being green. The duty to protect environment
Since most consumer goods are transported using trucks, our company has labored to reduce carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Here’s how we have made this possible.
The importance of the trucking industry
The trucking industry is the crucial connection between the different industries that affect our lives and consequently, the nation’s economy.
Living a trucker's life: drive and travel
Picture this: you are cruising down the highway, the sun is setting, and to your right, you see the majesty that is Idaho Falls. Serenity at its finest.
Transam Carriers: Addressing Industry Truck Driver Shortage
While the employment outlook looks promising for truck drivers in Canada, the shortage of qualified truck drivers remains one of the biggest challenges facing the transportation industry.
Transam Carriers' new equipment, 2021
At Transam Carriers, we have been contemplating ways of serving our customers in the best way while offering a nice work environment to our employees. One of the greatest moves that we have made to that effect is the update of our fleet.
What does it mean to be a Good Employer in Trucking Business?
Being a good employer is not necessarily about providing competitive salaries, benefits packages, or vacations. There is more. Find out what exactly distinguishes an employer of choice from a regular employer in our article.
Pre-trip and post-trip inspections
Ensuring the safety of everyone on our roads is a big concern for trucking companies, drivers, and fleet managers alike. Regular pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the vehicles can go a very long way in this endeavor.
Trucking prospects in 2021: back to normal?
According to experts, trucking prospects in 2021 is shaping up to be much less stressful than in 2020. Read the article to find out why.