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Point to Point service across Canada and the U.S.A.

At Transam Carriers, we are “in it for the long haul”. We believe in developing and fostering long term client relationships that create customers for life. We develop key metrics by a client and accept nothing less than 100% in achieving those numbers.





Transportation solutions you can depend on

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Full Truckload (TL), Canada/USA

Transam is well known as a premier truckload carrier, both domestically in Canada as well as cross border. With the high percentage of teams running our fleet, we provide exceptional expedited transit times to and from western Canada. We provide regularly scheduled runs to and from the USA with a particular focus on the mid-west USA and the Northeastern USA states. We also run irregular routes to and from the rest of the USA always maintaining our focus on-time service and client satisfaction.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL), Canada/USA

Transam provides expedited LTL services within Canada and to and from the United States. With regularly scheduled departures, Transam provides predictability of delivery when it comes to LTL shipments. Nightly LTL schedules to and from Chicago make Transam the logical choice for certainty on delivery of your shipments. And with Transam Express, the same reliable service to and from the northeastern USA is available. Shipments from Ontario to western Canada are provided with teams service allowing for some of the quickest transit times in the industry.


For the more economically minded and those that are not in need of expedited services, Transam Carriers has introduced a Deferred intermodal truckload and LTL service from Ontario to Western Canada. We utilize 53’ containers, 48’ containers, as well as 40’ ocean containers being repositioned to Western Canada. With the same commitment to on-time, damage-free deliveries, Transam will move your goods to destination utilizing deferred line haul methods and saving you money.

Our Shipping Process in 3 Steps

Getting order information


Discuss opportunity
Receive order electronically
Scheduling pick up

Transportation of shipment


Pick up order
Line haul order
Deliver order

Finishing order


Electronically send invoice
Receive payment
Complete order

Logistics Solutions

Transam Carriers offers additional logistics services, which aimed to help your company gain a competitive advantage. We are more than happy to provide these services with either of the truckload or LTL components being performed by another entity.


With Transam’s strategically located 70 doors cross-dock facility in Concord Ontario, Transam provides additional value-added services including cross-docking of freight. Whether it is a transfer of ocean container freight for delivery, appointment freight waiting for delivery, or any other reason for freight to be on a dock, Transam can unload and reload at your request.

Consolidation / Deconsolidation

Transam Carriers has significant experience in the consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments both domestically and cross border. With our unique combined truckload and LTL services, both these services are natural for us. Consolidations of LTL shipments for furtherance by truckload or deconsolidation of truckloads to ltl shipments for delivery are both very common for us to do.


Transam Carriers Inc. provides point to point service between Canada and the USA. Our business area includes lanes between Ontario and Midwest USA, Ontario and Northeastern USA, Ontario and Western Canada, Chicago and Western Canada. Moreover, we offer irregular routes where the need exists serving the rest of the USA and Canada.


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