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Transportation solutions across Canada and the USA

Transam Carriers is a full-service LTL, Truckload and logistics provider serving both Canada and the United States. Our company is well known as a customer-centric dry van carrier with a commitment to on-time and damage-free delivery. Based in Ontario, Transam extends its regular routes to Western Canada, Midwest, and Northeastern United States. As a solutions-driven fleet, we also offer irregular routes where the need exists, serving the rest of the USA and Canada.

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Transam Carriers are always ready to put your full truckload (FTL) on the road as soon as possible, short haul or long haul. Our highly trained drivers will make sure your freight is delivered fast and safe.


If you have less than a truckload (LTL) of freight – just one skid or a dozen – you can always trust Transam Carriers with delivering it quickly and reliably at a price that is just right.


In case you would like to take advantage of multiple modes of transportation, Transam has a rail offering from Ontario to Western Canada for truckload shipments that are deferred in nature.


With our qualified personal, cross-dock facilities, and considerable experience in the consolidation-deconsolidation of shipments, our clients can be sure their products end up where they need to be.

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About Us

Transam Carriers Inc. was established in 2006 in response to an overwhelming need for a reliable and price-competitive transport company serving North America. With a mission and vision that both owners and employees support, Transam has a clear and definitive path. Throughout our history, we carry an unwavering commitment to providing the very best in transportation services.

As a privately held company and with an engaged workforce, Transam has grown over the years, focusing on providing excellent transportation and logistics solutions.

With a commitment to on-time and damage-free delivery, we are HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL to serve your needs.

Why Us?

Transam Carriers has many value propositions all of which make up an exceptional service offering to the market. Add that to a “world class” group of employees and the result is a company that is as much flexible as it is accommodating.

Reliable Delivery

Transam Carriers offers LTL and FTL deliveries throughout the ten provinces of Canada and into the Mid-Western and Eastern USA. We always know what is happening to your freight thanks to satellite tracking of our vehicles and a state-of-the-art logistics system.

Flexible Options

Transam Carriers have the expertise and the resources to make sure that your freight is delivered just in time – with a single driver or a team. Our drivers also benefit from our flexible approach by being able to choose an individual plan in terms of miles and destinations, so it is a win-win in the end.

Tailored Service

Catering for a diverse array of business requirements we offer consolidation, freight forwarding, intermodal shipping and so much more to provide tailored solutions that regularly exceed our clients’ expectations and help ensure on-time service rates of over 98.5%.

24/7 support

With advanced telematics, GPS tracking and electronic dispatch we make sure that your freight stays on the move 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our skilled and courteous operators are always there to inform you about the delivery status.

Dedicated to Satisfaction

Efficient communication is the secret ingredient that helps us stay on top of the game. Our operators are trained to respond to requests for rates effectively, send accurate invoices and provide timely alerts of anything that might impact your schedule.

Growth & Expansion

Transam Carriers take a calculated approach to growth by combining cutting-edge technology and being a responsible corporate citizen. We always strive to use the latest equipment, hire the best talent and foster long-term relations – both with our workforce and our clients to face the future with confidence.


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