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Above the industry standards

Transam Carriers is very pleased with its commitment to, and progress in, leveraging the use of technology. From tracking and tracing, driver safety, communication with government agencies, etc, Transam utilizes the most up to date software and hardware to accomplish the very best in technology to satisfy our clients. We realize the need for real-time information and provide, through technology, critical and timely answers to clients inquiries. In addition, we capitalize on the software in the marketplace today that continually improves safety, productivity, and financial results.

Real-time tracking

While increasing our road safety through constant monitoring, instant updates provide our customers with superior service. Our real-time tracking system allows for location and activity information to be communicated with our fleet managers. Maintaining careful tracking of our fleet means we can better ensure the safety of our customers’ assets and provide more accurate information for real-time delivery.

Electronic dispatch

At Transam Carriers, our focus is on ensuring the quality of our service. Communication is a key part of how we overcome the complexities and challenges of freight transportation and meet the standard of quality we’ve set for our customers. Electronic dispatch technology allows for instant communication with operators in the field. This information keeps the business smoothly, safely, and swiftly moving forward. At the same time, it allows for regular updates to our customers with real-time delivery and dispatch information so they are always in the know.

Trailer tracking devices

Technology makes our business more efficient. Trailer tracking devices are a prime example of this advance in productivity. These devices provide Transam Carriers with a look at the metrics for our fleet. We can review the provided analytics to discover how and where each trailer is used. If there is a way to improve the efficiency of our fleet, we can find by analyzing this data. Trailer tracking devices also provide maintenance data so our managers can provide higher quality maintenance and inspection plans.

Telematic-equipped vehicles

Transam Carriers uses Samsara Telematics for telematic-equipped vehicles. This technology protects our fleet with a higher standard of safety. Samsara devices capture video and data of events that happen while our fleet is in motion. The analytics in the Samsara software provides insight into the events with our fleet where we can improve. This helps us to optimize our procedures, lower risk, and improve efficiency. The captured video can also be used to assist as a training tool, to proactively better our driver’s safety culture, and further protecting our fleet.

Electronic tracking and tracing

Transam Carriers uses electronic tracking and tracing technology for logistics management and communication. Our Qualcomm systems are an onboard computer that utilizes 5G technology for speed and efficiency. Our fleet uses this technology for GPS navigation, electronic logging, and as a messaging system. This allows drivers to report in with custom messages or pre-configured messages, making it easier to relay common updates like departing location, load updates, fuel stops, and arrival at a customer. The devices also monitor important stats like location, speed, and miles per gallon.


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