Customer Service

Genuine Customer Care

Efficient, reliable Customer Service is the backbone of our operations. Monitoring each shipment, our representatives are trained to react quickly and with authority to overcome any service issue or change to an order that may develop.


Instant communication with operators in the field, status reports to our customers as required and immediate response to service issues ensures safe, reliable transportation you can depend on.

Our reputation for reliable service is founded
in the strength of our genuine customer care

- Quick response to Request for Rates
- Immediate response to service
- Direct driver communication to facilitate changing needs
- Regular updates to ensure your shipment is on schedule

Open client communications and regular automated status reports ensures that you and your customers will be informed in the event of a changed shipment status that may impact your schedule.

Safe, reliable transportation you can depend on

Every member of our staff understands the critical importance
of meeting Pick-up and Delivery appointments on time

Dedication to worry free service supported by strong industry knowledge and continuous training

24 hour on call service

Open reporting and client communication during service operations

Strong Policy & Procedures to govern daily responsibilities

Track and trace from point of order through to delivery